Friday, 12 December 2008

Welcome to the asylum (aka The United Kingdom)

Were a guest to enter your home, staying there rent free coupled with receiving a weekly subsistence allowance from you, but then began criticising your beliefs, way of life and demanding you change to suit them; it is not hard to imagine that your 'guest' would be asked to leave, failing which you would no doubt ensure that they did!

Yet we allow people of other faiths and cultures to remain in this country whilst they preach what can only be described as a hatred of our customs and religions. Witness the case of Anjem Choudry who, so we are informed by the Daily Mailis chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers, and the ‘right-hand man’ of exiled preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed. Further, he is ‘lauded by extremist groups’. Moreover, in the past ‘he has demanded the execution of the Pope, organised mass demonstrations against the publication of cartoons which allegedly insulted Mohammed and urged Muslims to have more babies to take over the UK’. 

An excerpt from Anjem Choudry's latest 'sermon' demands:

In the world today many Muslims, especially those residing in Western countries, are exposed to the evil celebration Christmas. Many take part in the festival celebrations by having Christmas turkey dinners. Decorating the house, purchasing Christmas trees or having Christmas turkey meals are completely prohibited by Allah. Many still practice this corrupt celebration as a remembrance of the birth of Jesus. How can a Muslim possibly approve or participate in such a practice that bases itself on the notion Allah has an offspring? The very concept of Christmas contradicts and conflicts with the foundation of Islam. Every Muslim has a responsibility to protect his family from the misguidance of Christmas, because its observance will lead to hellfire. Protect your Paradise from being taken away - protect yourself and your family from Christmas.

It is stated in the article above that Mr Choudry receives £25,000 a year in benefits and if this is not a case of 'biting the hand that feeds you' I don't know what is! When visiting another country I respect that country's culture and way of life - I do not set out to try and change it. If there is some aspect of a country's culture or way of life that I find objectionable then I don't go and it is a great pity that those who live here but patently dislike us don't pack their bags and leave.

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