Monday, 22 December 2008

Political Honesty

One of the greatest complaints about politics, at the present time, is the lack of honesty exhibited and practised by those within its sphere.

The latest example, reported in the press, is the case of Jacqui Smith's husband writing to a local paper defending his wife, the local MP for Redditch, without mentioning that he is her husband and that he is paid £40,000 by the taxpayer to act as her parliamentary assistant/researcher.

A spokeswoman for the Home Secretary is quoted as saying "He has never concealed his connection to her." Sorry Ms Spokeswoman, but if he did not mention that which he should have mentioned, then he has 'concealed his connection to her'.

It should also be noted that all three main parties are guilty of 'misrepresentation of facts' in that whilst they pontificate about laws that are to the detriment of this country, or a particular locale, they all fail to acknowledge that in most cases the underlying reason is adherence to European Union law.

Shame on all of you!

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