Friday, 19 December 2008

Blows To The Brown Myth

To hold the office of Prime Minister of one's country is to reach the top of the political pile but when that attainment is achieved by a career built on obfuscation, half-truths, exaggerations and lies, that achievement is somewhat devalued.

Gordon Brown has hid the true level of this country's debt from the electorate by what can only be described as 'dodgy accounting' or 'massaging the figures'. This has been achieved by not including such matters as Network Rail and public sector pension costs to name but two. Unfortunately for our Great Leader, Saviour of the World, The Greatest Chancellor That Has Ever Lived, his mantra of controlling debt has just had a massive hole blown in it with the announcement by the Office for National Statistics that in future the RBS debt will now count as part of the public sector debt because of the Government's 57% stake in the lender. This alone looks set to increase debt from around 44% of GDP to more than 160%.

Also, for some time now, Gordon Brown has made much of his plans to save this country and the world. Following the statement by Peer Streinbruck, German Finance Minister, that the policies being pursued by the United Kingdom were wrong, he has since been joined by Donald Tusk the Polish Prime Minister, Jim Flaherty the Canadian Minister of Finance and Kaoru Yosano, the Japanese Economy Minister. 

One of Gordon Brown's complaints has been the price of oil and the effect this has on the price of petrol in this country. We now have Abdalla Salem El-Badri, head of Opec, gently pointing out that British petrol prices are so high because 72 per cent of the pump price is tax. According to the Coffee House the head of Opec is quoted as saying:

"I think Mr Brown is very confused. If he is looking out for the interests of his people he should look at the taxes. I advise that he should really look at these high taxes..."

Gordon - why don't you try telling the truth for once in your life?

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