Tuesday, 16 December 2008

What went wrong with Rights?

This is in fact the title of a new book, published today, by the Institute of  Economic Affairs, the full title being: The Assault of Liberty: What went wrong with Rights?

I can do no better than quote from their website:

Since 1997, the government has launched an unprecedented assault on our most basic rights. In so doing it has eroded the very idea of liberty developed over 800 years and which millions have died defending. From 42 days detention without charge and ID cards to mammoth government databases and local surveillance, our fundamental freedoms are being pawned off cheaply on the false pretence that it will make us safer. At the same time, a whole range of novel rights are being conjured up and handed out with scant democratic accountability, fuelling a compensation culture, undermining social responsibility and turning common sense on its head.

Thanks to this idiotic government Britain is now a country where the state persecutes shop keepers who sell in pounds and ounces, but allows murderers to use the Human Rights Act to kill again; where law-abiding citizens are spied on, but teachers are frightened to discipline violent children. 

On top of which Gordon Brown, now the head of New Labour (which incidentally seems to have gone back to being Old Labour) and, unfortunately, still our Prime Minister (Oh, and Saviour of the World) remains confident he is the answer to all our ills. 

Well Gordon, I have news for you - You are the cause of all our ills! Why don't you - in the words of the late, great Compo - Bog Off!

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