Sunday, 14 December 2008

New Form Of Power?

Courtesy of the Devils Kitchen we learn of a possible new form of power.

Now this doesn't mean much to me, not being a physicist, or even understanding the basics of physics; however it would seem an organisation has extracted energy from hydrogen by 'dropping the electron into a lower orbit'.

The point is that if Blacklight Power, the organisation concerned, have done that which they claim this will mean revising physics books and that can't be done at the bounce of a molecule!

The thing is, this is not just people playing around in laboratories any more, after years of work Blacklight has finally gone commercial. Two days ago in fact. Yes, that’s right, they have signed a contract with a New Mexico power utility and are about to deliver on their claims, on an industrial scale. They have raised sixty million dollars in venture financing, and you don’t get that with just a sketch of a perpetual motion machine.  Half of their 25 staff are PhDs and Rowan University, on testing a Blacklight “50KW” unit, have confirmed significant heat energy release..

This should stir up a 'Green' hornets nest, especially when you've spent decades building up a massive AGW hoax and suddenly human ingenuity finds a way around it!

As the Devils KItchen wonders - what will the Green's next daft idea, to take us back to the Dark Ages, be?

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