Sunday, 21 December 2008

Hammering Home The Message

Reverting to the post on Monday 15th December entitled Public Sector Pensions, an article in today's Sunday Telegraph (which seems to be now unavailable - but it was on the foot of page 22) poses the same question that I, in effect, raised.


"What is more worrying is the growth in the state itself. Thanks to Gordon Brown it is now the only growth industry. It employed 14,000 more people between June and September - while the private sector shrank by 128,000. Over the past year, the numbers employed in health, education and public services rose by 90,000, while the number in financial and business services fell by 112,000.........And who is making the simple point that the more people work for the state, the fewer there are to create wealth to pay for it, and the higher the taxes they have to pay?" (my Emphasis).

I wonder whether the Greatest Chancellor That Has Ever Drawn Breath, The Saviour Of The World, Our Dear Leader, has worked that one out yet and if not, why not?

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