Sunday, 14 December 2008

Democracy? No - Legalised Dictatorship!

So, when you give a nation a free vote on a matter of constitutional importance and the answer received is not the one you expected or wanted, you just tell them: sorry, that is not acceptable - have another go?

I defy anyone to provide an argument based on logic in support of such a stance, which of course precludes Europhiles taking part as logical thought is a characteristic they do not possess.

The Irish are being forced to re-run their referendum next year, a decision which shows a basic misunderstanding of the term 'democracy'. They are being promised 'assurances' and 'protocols' to satisfy what is seen as the reasons for the original NO result from their referendum in June this year. It is worth remembering that earlier this year, as the House of Commons EU Scrutiny Committee pointed out in regard to the UK's proposed protocols on the Lisbon Treaty, such protocols are far from watertight.

By changing the Lisbon Treaty, which remember has already been ratified in some Member States although not necessarily democratically in the strict sense of the word, this must surely mean that the Lisbon Treaty should now be re-ratified by those Member States who ratified the original Lisbon Treaty, as adding a legally binding protocol to the Lisbon Treaty, for instance, changes the content of the Lisbon Treaty, effectively making it a new Treaty. Of course we can rely on the European Union not to bother about this small technicality!

For the peoples of those countries that remain in the European Union there will only be tears, then discontent; and it would not surprise me if in years to come the tears and discontent was followed by all out revolution. My only regret is that I will probably not be alive to see these arrogant, preening apologists of democracy suspended by their necks from the nearest lamp post whilst their feet demonstrate the latest dance steps!

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