Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Compulsory Health Care?

A report in the Daily Telegraph states that the government is considering introducing compulsory health care charges to cover care home fees in later years.

The Telegraph article states "It is widely agreed that it would be far too costly to provide free personal care for all, so a compulsory insurance plan is one of the favoured options for a long-overdue Green Paper on adult social care due to be published in the new year".

Why? It is already provided, for instance, in Scotland - courtesy of the English taxpayer. 

Perhaps, if we stopped paying heaven knows how much to the European Union each year it would more than cover the cost of free health care - after all, is not National Insurance what the payment is for -health care in life, especially if one lives an 'illness free' existence and many do.

Maybe we should dispose of some of the 'managers' whose only contribution to the NHS would seem to be their justifying their own existence?

And, the report states, spending on health as tripled to £110billion under this collection of idiots (sorry government!).

Maybe politicians should stop treating the NHS as a 'sacred cow' and start doing a 'Frank Field', ie thinking the unthinkable?

Surprise, surprise - not one of the 'spokesman' quoted queries the 'waste of money' paid to the European Union - 'Heads In The Sand' syndrome yet again!!

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