Monday, 30 March 2009

More Intended State 'Enforcement'

A report in the Telegraph today states that water meters will be installed in homes everywhere by 2035 and by 2015 where water is scarce.

The report states "Already half of households in England and Wales suffer "water stress", where demand for fresh drinking water could soon outstrip supply." Perhaps if we had not let 'half of Europe' come and live here (figuratively speaking) then water usage would not be so high?

The 'smart meters' will not only show how much water is used but the cost and the carbon emissions produced. The on-line edition of this story also states "In areas where water is scarce, households may be charged more for using water beyond a certain limit or during the summer. The cost of installing the meters will be paid ultimately by taxpayers......"

Needless to say 'climate change' is used in the argument for this proposed plan which is being put forward by the Environment Agency - a government 'mouthpiece'.

So not being able to cleanse ourselves regularly may result in us all having a 'dirty smell'. Seems reasonable to me. When all is said and done why should we smell any different to our politicians and bureaucrats?

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