Tuesday, 31 March 2009

You'll Never Drive Alone (With Apologies To Anfield)

Because by 2012/2013, if the EU gets its way, you will always have the State with you. Courtesy of EUReferendum, who has picked up this story from the Guardian, all new cars will have a tracking device fitted. Needless to say the move is being introduced under the guise of Health and Safety, but unfortunately the other implications are that firstly, the state will always know where you are and have been and secondly, will then be able to introduce road pricing. The date of introduction for these 'spy boxes' will depend on whether the EU can get its Galileo satellite system working.

It is no surprise that the paper reports the British government is backing the proposal, so nothing new there then. Readers will recall the No10 on-line petition that attracted nearly 2 million signatures against road pricing. Although this last report quotes a figure of 1.6 million, the actual figure at the end of the 'petition period' was closer to 1.8 million.

It is reasonable to suggest that even were the Conservatives to win the next election they would still proceed with this scheme as they would have no alternative due to the fact when it is introduced it will either be an EU Directive or a Regulation.

By heavens, the sooner this country escapes from the political clutches of the EU, the better for us all.

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knirirr said...

I don't think that there's anything wrong in principle with charging for road use by distance travelled. But, if our government (or their subordinates in the UK parliament) introduce it then it will be in addition to fuel tax, expensive, incompetently administered and involve all manner of intrusions into privacy.