Monday, 30 March 2009

Cameron on Wheeler

David Cameron is reported by the BBC as saying that as donors do not set party policy, he had no option but to expel Stuart Wheeler from his party.

This report also states "He also rejected Mr Wheeler's suggestion that his position on European integration was "completely insufficient", saying that people should vote Conservative if they wanted a referendum on the treaty."

David Cameron's position on European integration can be classified as 'completely insufficient' in that he never talks about the subject. It is also ambiguous and deceitful of Mr. Cameron to suggest that if people wanted a referendum on the treaty they should vote Conservative as he has also said he would only have a referendum should the treaty not have been ratified by all 27 member states. In other words if the treaty has been ratified - then no referendum.

'Honest Dave'? To quote Brucie - I don't think so!

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