Friday, 20 March 2009

For What Did We Fight A World War?

In a post on the D-Day commemorations Raedwald recalls the part played by his father and other veterans and asks:

"For these veterans who gave so much for this nation are coming to the twilight of their lives in a country they don't recognise, in which Labour have opened the door to immigrants from every corner of the world without control or restraint, where a repressive and intrusive Labour State rolls back the freedoms they fought for, where Brown's economic incompetence is beggaring their children and grandchildren and will burden their great grandchildren with the costs of his purblind folly and in which Labour have destroyed neighbourhoods, communities and the effectiveness of the little platoons in pursuance of a mad Rousseau-esque vision of an overweening Leviathan State"

Without in any way denigrating the part played by those who fought for our right to 'freedom', there are many, many of us still alive who did not fight - born since those eventful years - who feel just the same emotions about the decline of our country; a decline which has been accelerated each and every time a Labour (New or Old) government has been handed the reins.

After each disaster that has ensued as a result, the electorate has forgotten what utter incompetents Labour are and has exhibited that great British trait of 'fair play' and given them another chance. Hopefully, the lesson has been learnt and Labour will take decades to live down the last 12 years - maybe the latest lesson that the British electorate have had will mean that Labour are banished from government for the forseeable future.

Not that the Conservative Party promise much hope, in fact true and effective opposition has been most noticeable by its absence - it is almost as if the Conservative Party hope to win power purely on the back of Labour's incompetent record. It is also worth noting that, if reading the output by the three main parties websites and their spokesmen, it is extremely difficult to find much difference between them on almost any issue.

Much has also been written in the 'serious' press about the emergence of other parties and that there is a need for a new type of politics. As usual the press miss that which is under their noses! To those politically uncommitted voters might I be permitted to point them to the one established party which is campaigning for the most basic freedom any person can have - namely the right to decide the laws under which they live which would result in an end to being governed by an unaccountable and unelected 'clique'. Coupled with that; the right to have true 'local' democracy; the right to control the type of law & order they want; the right to decide how their children are educated; the right to decide the type of health care they receive; the right to decide the environment in which they live (planning); the right to decide for themselves who enters our country and to repatriate those that do not accept our customs and laws.

Go read the policies of the UK Independence Party - I promise you will like what you read, which will result in your giving them your vote come the European and General elections!

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