Monday, 30 March 2009

MPs suspect 'mole' - Want police investigation

So some MPs are demanding a police investigation into the leaking of Jacqui Smith's expenses and suspect a mole in the expenses department of Parliament. What a surprise!

David Cameron weighs in with a call to Gordon Brown to "to 'disinfect' the parliamentary expenses system".

Dave dear chap, never mind 'disinfecting' the parliamentary expenses system', how about disinfecting the parliamentary system itself? Open Primaries? True 'local' democracy? Recalls for MPs not representing their constituency's views? Withdrawal from the EU so that Parliament can govern those who elect it in accordance with the elector's wishes?

To paraphrase an old advertisement for a brand of whiskey, 'Dont be vague ask (for) Hague' to sort it out. Whoops, better not if this is true.

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