Thursday, 26 March 2009

McNulty's 'Investigation'

The allowances of Tom McNulty are to be investigated, we read. T'would seem to be a waste of time and money as no doubt he will not be found guilty on the basis that he did live there for a time and by his own admission uses it as a 'base' when working in his 'constituency'. That is not to say I believe he is not guilty as he most surely is, but if our 'Second Home' Secretary can be found not guilty - along with the Keens etc - then so will McNulty.

What is even more surprising, in the same article, is that the complaint against Nigel Griffiths for his 'misdemeanour' with a 'lady friend' within the confines of Westminster has been rejected. The newspaper reports Nigel Griffiths "reportedly cheated on his wife", but as Griffiths has admitted the accusation is true I fail to see how it is classified as "reportedly" - no, Daily Telegraph, he "cheated on his wife" - fact! He broke one of the rules by which, as an MP, he is supposed to behave.

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