Thursday, 19 March 2009

Yvette Cooper Talks Utter.........

Yvette Cooper, supposedly Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has said that "The Conservatives have shown already they are not announcing cuts in public spending,"

Now whether the Conservatives are 'committed' or not - and I for one believe they, or at least quite a few of them, possibly should be 'committed' and to which institution I have yet to decide - any alternative is welcome to the 'economic madness' you and yours have managed to enact!

To say that you "will keep investing, keep increasing investment in public services" and because "we think that's the right thing to do" (my emphasis) shows you haven't a clue - ie you dont know, you only think its right!

Ye Gods, Ms. Cooper - you are now trying to tell the British people you can actually think? And yet you and your party has spent 12 years showing us otherwise!

Ms. Cooper, you are talking 'your married surname'!

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