Sunday, 29 March 2009

Labour's Morals

Much is being penned - or keyed, to satisfy the pedants - in the blogosphere on the subject of Jacqui Smith and Nigel Griffiths.

The Jacqui Smith story highlights (I thought blue an appropriate colour with which to highlight this link) what her husband seems to do to entertain himself whilst his wife is away but an even more interesting question would be what does he do to entertain himself when she is there? But then that is another story, or another expense submission?

The revelations this weekend are not just about Labour MPs though as this story illustrates. Besides one Labour MP, we have two Tory MPs; another Jacqui who appears a tad Lait with her 'reasons' to justify her second home allowance and another, Bob, who Neills whilst pleading that his second home allowance is again within the rules.

A further story in the Mail on Sunday reports that McNulty may also have broken the Representation of Peoples Act whilst John Lyon, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, comes under attack for a number of reasons, including the secrecy, not having to publish his reasons for each decision he makes and the number of complaints summarily dismissed.

Maybe in future debates those MPs who are obviously 'guilty' of abuse of priveleges should be addressed as 'the Dishonourable Member for ...................'?

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