Saturday, 28 March 2009

Dunfirmline Building Society - Alex Salmond

So the rumours of the collapse of the Dunfirmline Building Society have been confirmed, according to the BBC.

It is obvious that this building society will be 'saved' one way or another - its Scottish!

The comments by Jim Murphy, Secretary of State for Scotland, also occasioned a smile when he is quoted saying "But also by some reckless decisions .......and really bad decisions on their technology."

Sorry Jim, for a moment I thought you were talking about the government and their IT programmes! Understandable on my part really as I seem to remember that when you were Minister for Europe you could not get your facts right!

The offer by Alex Salmond takes the biscuit though when it is reported "First Minister Alex Salmond said the Scottish Government had offered a capital contribution to help maintain the Dunfermline as an independent and ongoing concern......"

Pity he doesn't seem to bear in mind that a chunk of that 'capital contribution' is English taxpayer's money!

Update: Gordon Brown is reported by Sky News as saying that saver's money is secure - Yea right, like the country's money - more work for the BoE printing presses!

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