Monday, 23 March 2009

Brown & The McNulty Question

So Gordon Brown's spokesman has said that the question of how MPs are funded should be a matter for Parliament. On the basis that this was Gordon Brown doing a ventriloquist act, it just demonstrates the total ineptitude of the Prime Minister.

For someone who has done his best to derogate Parliament's powers and to denigrate its role in government and then suggest Parliament should 'police' itself is nothing but an example of vacuousness. It is obvious that Gordon Brown, along with a great number of his fellow MPs, has forgotten who provides his salary and the only logical 'judges' of an MP's behaviour should be those that provide said salaries.

Misuse of public funds is, I believe, a criminal offence and should not the matter therefore be subject to court proceedings? As a result, any MP found guilty of misconduct in a court of law should be banned from ever holding such office again.This does not apply only to McNulty, but also the recent cases of what might be considered fraud. Also, as I have posted previously, the proposal to strip holders of peerages for misconduct should be applied to MPs also.

The fact that anyone in a position of framing laws to dictate a country's morals and rules within which its society must fuction - and be allowed to continue so doing when they have shown they are patently unable to adhere to that same moral code and rules, beggars belief!