Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Ever The Opportunist

Gordon Brown jumps on the bandwagon about MPs allowances by writing to The Committee for Standards in Public Life to look at the allowances system. True to form, with his expertise in 'clouding the issue', he also unexpectedly urged the committee to look at whether MPs should have second jobs.

Listen Dipstick, whilst having nothing to do with second jobs but all to do with how you and other MPs have 'misused' the allowances and expenses system for personal gain, if you really believed what you wrote should you not have instigated this enquiry some time ago?

Richard North provides one solution in his post, however I strongly disagree with his suggested figure for MPs remuneration. Perhaps any new system of MPs remuneration should include an element of 'payment by results'?

On reflection that is probably unworkable as on present evidence, with some exceptions, it would result in MPs refunding the taxpayer!

Update: Just noticed a report that says MPs want a payrise of £40,000 to replace second home allowances.
So for giving up £24,000, they want £40,000?

The words of Norman Tebbit spring to mind!

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