Thursday, 26 March 2009

Hannan & Channel 4 News

Just watched the Channel 4 News item on their website and the subsequent interviews with 'Drip' Draper and Daniel Hannan.

Having also watched the 'debate' earlier twixt Draper and Guido on the Politics Show, it just proves what I believe everyone knows, that Draper is tad moronic in thought, word and deed. What the hell Kate sees in him, God only knows and the advice to her must be: 'Garr away' Kate, you can do better than that!

One has to admire though Draper's bravado, with his diminished mental capacity, in agreeing to confront someone of Hannan's intellect!

Regarding the Channel 4 report, in respect of 'editorial direction', one can only reiterate: a typical 'Snow' job then!

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