Monday, 30 March 2009

Brown: Banks Must Take Moral Stand

In the print edition of the Daily Telegraph (no link available) an article states that Gordon Brown is planning a highly unusual speech tomorrow at St Paul's Cathedral in London on 'morality'. It is expected that the speech will call for values and principles to be central to the financial system.

Sod the financial system Gordon, how about you start with the 'morality' of our elected representatives, especially those in your own corrupt party?

Guess what? David Cameron jumps on the bandwagon and is quoted criticising "the bankers who clamours for his bonus when he's bust the bank".

Sod the banker Dave, what about those MPs in your party who clamour for their allowances and expenses when they have agreed to your policy of subservience to the EU?

And MPs expect us the voters to heed their calls for 'morality' in the financial field when their own 'morality' is most noticeable by its absence?

Yeah - Right!

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