Friday, 20 March 2009

FOI Request 'That Went Wrong'

It would appear the Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) - an appropriate acronym methinks - has opened a 'can of worms' with their latest 'success'.

In the print edition of the Daily Telegraph (can't seem to find an on-line link) an article relates how the ASS submitted an FOI for a list of empty properties in Lambeth. Whilst Lambeth Council appealed to the Information Tribunal they were informed they had a legal duty to provide the information. It is also understood that the list contained details of both council and private properties.

Not ignoring the fact that this action opens the door for other councils to be subjected to the same request and which is now one they will be legally bound to answer, it creates yet another problem.

Obviously recovery of possession by councils and lending authorities will have to be obtained through the courts thus incurring costs.

And who will eventually end up with the final bill?

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