Sunday, 29 March 2009

Voting Rights

A report in the Daily Telegraph yet again demonstrates that our elected government no longer has the ability to govern this country.

Due to our having to implement a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) made in 2004 it will become necessary to allow those serving jail terms to have the right to vote, currently not the case at present.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice is quoted, in the print edition, as saying "The issues around prisoner voting are complex and require full consultation and consideration". By whom may one ask? The government sponsored agencies/fake charities/quangocrats, or by the voters of this country?

Beside the question whether in breaking the laws of society should one guilty of that still be afforded the benefits of said society, it also raises the point that we, as a country, should have the right to punish our criminals as we wish.

The basic question of who does govern this country - and how they govern - is one which must be raised by the political parties at the next General Election, although we all know that, other than the UK Independence Party, neither the Labour, Conservative nor Liberal Democrat Party will do this.

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