Thursday, 26 March 2009

Honesty Absent From Banking System.

Reported in the print edition of the Daily Telegraph today, under the headline 'Bankers behaved badly, says Brown', our 'Prime Twat' is reported as saying that honesty may have been absent from the banking system in recent years.

Never mind the banking system Gordon, it is a pity that you will not admit that honesty has been absent from the political system for ages. But then you don't do 'admissions', do you? Especially when there is the almost absolute certainty that your 'honesty' would be called into question.

The latest example of 'honesty' is the 'mea culpa' of Myners on the question of RBS pensions. Myners was accused by Andrew Tyrie, Conservative MP, of being guilty of having told the Treasury select committee 'at least less than the whole truth'. Put into 'Hannan Speak' it means that Myners lied - but then whats new about that, the man is a Labour mouthpiece!

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