Saturday, 21 March 2009

Change Of Mind

According to the BBC, the Government has 'backed down' (thought their manifesto slogan was 'forward not back' - but whats a manifesto promise?) over the proposed rights of bailiff's entry powers.

Firstly, I must pick up the BBC over its standard of journalism: "Currently most bailiffs can only force entry if they have been previously invited into the house by the debtor." How can bailiffs 'force' entry if they have previously been invited to enter? But this is the BBC, so incorrect sentence construction must be expected - however, I digress.

Ah, so the change is being attributed to the present economic climate - nothing then to do with 'draconian' implications?

What is worrying though is this comment by Bridget Prentice, Justice Minister, " it really is important that we get everything set up with a proper regulatory authority".

So thats another bunch of taxpayer-funded quangocrats then?

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