Sunday, 22 March 2009

Oh Jacqui!

Reported in the Telegraph, Jacqui Smith's interview on the Daily Politics today was a classic example of 'political Labour waffle'. For those of you who missed it and have BBC iPlayer, do go watch.

For example, she could not, or would not, or did not want to, define 'extremism', yet this is what her entire proposal is built around - or at least that is the impression she gave. Mind you, with any politician - especially a Labour one - who knows what they mean when they open their mouth and speak!

These 60,000 'terrorist spotters' seem to me to be the beginnings of the Stasi 'state informers', but under another name - and being introduced under that 'catch-all' excuse of the 'threat of terrorism'. Or is that just me being my usual cynical self where this government is concerned?

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