Thursday, 26 March 2009

Serious Questions Should Be Asked!

I would like to refer readers to a post on National Death Service. This, in turn, refers to an article in the Evening Standard.

Oh, I see:

"North West London Hospitals Trust chief executive Fiona Wise, who joined the trust in April 2007, said: "The report took place six years ago and different management arrangements have been in place at the Trust for some time since. Our maternity unit was lifted off special measures in September 2006 following significant and sustained improvements. "We are committed to ensuring the best clinical care for all our patients."

A classic case of 'Not Me Guv'! Listen you apology for a bureaucrat - why not try exhibiting a tad of what your surname implies and say something meaningful!

Coupled with the report about management in the NHS growing far faster than the clinical staff, is it any wonder that this type of situation arises? Note also, not a word in the reported statements by the Department of Health and Fiona Wise along the lines that if this allegation is proved true then more than apologies should be offered to the relatives of the deceased mothers!

By God, has this apology for a government got a lot to answer for!

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