Thursday, 3 September 2009


Just to report that I am now back home (and no it wasn't a holiday, Subrosa - helping a friend out with some redecoration). Now trying to 'catch-up' with what other bloggers have been saying - far more reliable than the MSM!

One piece of news which I read in the Daily Telegraph really did have me 'spitting blood' and that was the front page news that we face 'black-outs' due to power stations closing. Sure enough we had the the shadow climate and energy change secretary, Greg Clarke (whose he? - which just reinforces the fact that Cameron's shadow spokesman are 'unknowns' - other than those who are 'known', like Lansley, who have a propensity of putting 'foot in mouth') and that the ones who have experience and speak from a certain amount of knowledge and experience, such as Redwood, Lilley and Davis, are excluded - popping up with a quote "Britain faces blackouts because the Government has put its head in the sand about Britain’s energy policy for a decade......"

One Clarke could be forgiven as an unintentional error - but two calls into question 'leadership decision making' - but, again, I digress.

No mention of the fact the Conservative party are 'wedded' to the EU policy of 'renewables' by Greg Clarke and that in any case there is 'bugger all' the Conservative party can do to change it - well they could by getting us out of the EU, but 'pigs will fly' before that happens - neither was there any mention by the Daily Telegraph of the fact that Christopher Booker has - to use a Cameronian phrase - been 'banging on' about this for yonks - so much for the 'fair and free press'! (As he points out in this article)

The Conservative party and the MSM deserve each other - they both consider themselves 'professionals' - and aren't!

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subrosa said...

Good to see you safe and sound after your acquaintance with DIY necessities WfW. Should you ever require another few days blogging free, please do email me. :)

You're right about the tories being wedded to the EU. Scares me.