Friday, 4 September 2009

The EU 'Unified' - Think Again!

Seventeen years on from 1992, you’d have thought the countries of the EU would have cracked the Single Market. A new document from the Commission (2009/524/EC) shows not.

The Commission recommends a number of proposals that member states should take on board. These include

"ensure coordination between government ministries and agencies on single market issues"

"ensure that the relevant government ministries and agencies and other institutions take into account single market rules"

"ensure that active cooperation between authorities responsible for single market issues in different Member States forms part of the national administrative culture"

"effectively prepare in advance for the transposition, application and enforcement of single market Directives at national level"

"provide training on Community law in general and single market rules in particular when [officials responsible for applying single market rules] enter a job"

"provide to judges basic training in Community law"

The significance of this report can be better emphasised were the following words to be inserted at the beginning of each sentence:

"The European Commission keeps finding that a number of governments do not …"

Now that’s quite a damning indictment. It’s also reason enough for the Commission to stop throwing out legislation and to concentrate on "doing less and doing it better", as it once promised to do but persistently fails to deliver.

Don’t think the British Government is off the hook from this document either. Where it recommends that governments

"avoid the addition of supplementary provisions that are not necessary to transpose a Directive"

that refers as plain as daylight to the British government 'gold plating' EU documents and making the laws twice as bad.

When one considers the bureaucratic nightmare of instigating the points above - and the cost - one has to ask, yet again:

Can we please get the **** out of the EU?

H/T: The Taxpayers Alliance

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