Monday, 7 September 2009

Farage - And The Next Leader Is?

With the announcement by Nigel Farage to step down as Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party it was noted that over the weekend most commenters were suggesting either the present Deputy Leader, David Campbell-Bannerman, or the present Chairman, Paul Nuttall, as likely contenders for the position.

However, the 'Atticus' column in the Sunday Times had an interesting, alternative, candidate to suggest:

"A more colourful choice might be MEP Marta Andreasen, who was sacked as chief accountant of the European commission after raising concerns about fraud. This marks, by the way, the first time the words “colourful” and “chief accountant” have been so closely linked."

Afterthought: The last sentence in the extract above might ruffle a few feathers?


Mark Wadsworth said...

How about you or Harry Aldridge?

Witterings From Witney said...

Harry Aldridge - a good 'possible', but me? You are joking of course!!!!