Saturday, 5 September 2009

Labour 'Subversion' Of 'Government' - Has Cameron 'Got The Bottle'?

It has long been acknowledged that Britain has far too many 'quangos' - bodies which 'preach' to us, the electorate, how we should think, act and speak. One cannot over-emphasise the 'power' that quangos have attained, over the years that the present government has been in office, nor how they have been 'staffed' by 'failed politicians' and 'placements' of Labour sympathisers.

To illustrate this, one has but to read an article which appears in The Spectator, which can be read
here. David Cameron talks a great deal about 'change' and this subject of quangos is one where one has to repeat the question raised in the article: Has Cameron 'got the bottle'?

Coupled with the question of quangos, a far more important question that Cameron, if elected as the next Prime Minister, must answer is 'Who Governs The United Kingdom'? Is it the elected representatives, MPs - or Brussels? If the latter as Cameron seems to believe, by his stated wish to retain the 'status quo' of our continued membership of the European Union, then one has to ask why do the electorate have to continue to fund the salaries/expenses/allowances of 646 MPs, who are fulfilling no more than the function of administration clerks in implementing the majority of the laws - 75/80 per cent - by which we are presently governed? Lets face it, it would be possible to delegate this to local authorities and thus save the country a shed load of money!

It is also worth mentioning that, come the impending General election, the electorate will have to ask themselves another important question when casting their votes - an occasion where they have to decide how they wish to be governed:

The difference between the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats is..................?

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