Monday, 7 September 2009

Now, There's 'Awkward' And There's 'Awkward'

There was I thinking that I could be an 'right awkward B*****d' and Captain Ranty goes and spoils my illusion!

Now, I don't know the 'legalalities', yet, of what the good Captain has done - but it is bloody hilarious to say the least!

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Captain Ranty said...

Thanks WfW.

"Legalities" dont come into it.

My actions are lawful, and there is a world of difference.

Rule of thumb:

If it's "Legal" it applies to corporations and "persons". (In legalese, a person is defined as a corporation and vice versa).

If it's "Lawful" it applies to human beings.

When I get to 'Awkward 4th Dan' I will be copyrighting my face. I will publish my copyright in the Edinburgh or London Gazette and I will inform any and all that any unauthorised "capturing" of my face will cost infringers £3M a pop.

Then I am going for a stroll around Manchester. I hear that a four hour shopping trip will see you being filmed over 200 times.

I will then pop round all the shops, the council offices etc and lawfully demand £3M for each breach of my copyright.

Should be fun.

After visiting a few towns I reckon I could be responsible for the end of ALL CCTV in the UK.

Wouldn't that be a blast?