Monday, 7 September 2009

Orde Or Ord(ur)e

Speaking to the Independent, Hugh Orde  President of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has given his 'views' on elected police chiefs. Raedwald has also already passed comment on Orde's opinions.

Warning that 'lunatics' could well be elected to run the police, Orde seems to have missed the fact that, if he is an example, 'lunatics' are already in charge of the police! He continues that:
"I know that Labour have stepped back from it, but the Conservatives are still committed to it. They need to talk to us about what exactly they are talking about doing."
'They need to talk to us'? WTF! Since when did Orde and ACPO decide what service the public should receive from the police - or is the police service no longer a public service? If the public decide that, within a local authority area, they want a 'zero tolerance' level of policing then Orde and ACPO should just get on with providing that service - assuming of course they are still in existence and haven't been 'culled'. 

"Do they think that the public are so interested in policing that they would turn out and vote? And for whom? A politician? Or do they mind if they get a lunatic or a retired copper? All of these questions need to be answered."
Of course the public are interested in policing, but then how would Orde know how much 'interest' there is when he won't even give the public the opportunity of having a voice by means of 'elections'?

"If people seriously think some form of elected individual is better placed to oversee policing, I am interested to see the details of how that is going to work. Every professional bone in my body tells me that it is a bad idea that could drive a coach and horses through the current model of accountability."
What 'current model of accountability', Orde? What greater form of 'accountability' can there be, than the ballot box?

The stench of 'righteousness' that emanates from the 'unelected and unaccountable' when they fear that they may lose their jobs - jobs funded with public money - becomes unbearable!

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Weekend Yachtsman said...

"the current model of accountability"

Jeez. What accountability, exactly?

Who is Orde accountable to? Who elected him? And how do we get rid of him?