Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Stating The 'Bleeding Obvious'?

At times one wonders about the thought processes of scientists, of which this story in the Daily Telegraph is a prime example.

"A normal double bed is 4ft 6inches wide. That means you have up to nine inches less per person in a double bed than a child has in a single bed."
Err, yes Dr. Stanley, or had you not noticed that a child is a tad smaller than an adult - hence the 'nine inches'?
"Sleep is a selfish thing to do. No one can share your sleep. If you know that your partner is next to you, then you are awake."
God, this boy's sharp! So firstly we are now being told that to sleep is selfish and that if we are not aware our wife/partner* is next to us in bed, that we are asleep!

When will people stop telling us how we should live our lives?

If scientists wish to carry out 'research' then I am sure there must be more pressing problems to solve than that of how people sleep!

Afterthought: Is a Mistress something between a Mister and a Mattress?


Anonymous said...

I fail to see your point it is so badly put. The child in a single bed argument is nothing to do with anything. It could as easily be an adult. Nor is there any telling us how to lead our lives. It is just a fact that we would probably sleep better in 6-foot wide beds or two singles.

Witterings From Witney said...

Sorry Anon, but if the single bed argument is nothing to do with anything - why raise it? What the good doctor is quoted as saying is absolute rubbish and illogical.

There is telling us how to lead our lives, ie sleep in bigger or single beds. How and where we sleep is our choice and I fail to see what business it is of anyone other than the individual concerned!

As to waking one's partner by having to visit the loo - if they are that light a sleeper, you are going to wake them whether in a double or single bed!