Saturday, 17 January 2009

Bail Hostels

Suspects on bail and prisoners freed early from jail are housed in the properties – usually rented houses – run by the private company ClearSprings, which is not required to consult with the local council or neighbours before opening a new hostel. ClearSprings was paid £8.3 million for the bail hostel programme from June 2007 until November last year.

Like the subject of energy, where the Government in blindly following an EU policy of trying to provide our electrical energy supply from wind turbines - wind turbine blades being something, in windless conditions, on which even the famed Labour Party have been unable to put a 'spin' on -  and in so doing failing to provide a guarantee of supply; so in adhering to the EU policy of unlimited immigration from member states the Government have failed to provide a remedy to the question of overcrowding in our prisons. It stands to reason that if a vast number of people are coming to this country, a percentage of them will no doubt 'fall foul of the law' and require 'alternative accommodation' - logical you may say, but this Government does not do logic.

Whilst one can argue that ex-convicts should be given the opportunity to 'go straight', having served their sentence, there are a number of instances, all well documented, where those on bail have committed further offenses whilst awaiting trial; likewise those freed early from prison. In view of this, I can understand people's wish to be made aware of the location for such bail hostels. As you will see from this report the Government have refused to name locations where such bail hostels are, other than providing a list of post codes.

So, if you live in OX3, Oxford East, there are two near you - to quote the late Tommy Trinder: You Lucky People.

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