Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Food Police

Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent of the Telegraph, writes in the print edition of the Telegraph today, under the headline "Tell us what you ate, 11m families to be asked".

More than 11m families will be offered 'personalised' diet and exercise plans as part of an anti-obesity drive, which will ask, in detail, what their children eat and how often they play, so that 'experts' can offer advice.

Included in the figure of 11m will be 4m which will be given out in schools, GP's surgeries, magazines and town centres called "How Are The Kids?".

The questionnaire includes such questions as: What did your children do this morning after they got up - did your children have breakfast today - how many minutes of activity did your children do today - was your evening meal home cooked, a takeaway, a ready meal or at a cafe/restaurant. Seems to me the government not only want to know what the families eat, but personal details about their way of life.

What business is it of any democratic government how people live in their own home? Oh silly boy me - of course the word 'democratic' does not apply to this load of incompetent, self-opinionated amateurs, does it?

The questionnaire is part of the Change4Life drive to reduce obesity and will cost £3.50 each to produce. This means that if all 11million families 'sign up' the drive will have cost at least £35million.

Dawn Primarolo, the public health minister, said the scheme would offer families "a unique health help them eat well, move more and live longer".

A number of points:

Would not a visit from a health visitor be more efficient and cheaper, on the basis that questionnaires tend to be responded to with the answer people believe is wanted.

Personally, should such a questionnaire, or visit by a health 'advisor' be received by me the response would be the same; and this applies to Ms. Primarolo too (what medical qualification has she got for being health minister anyway, other than seeming to be 'brain-dead'?) - Will you just get out of my life, stop trying to dictate how I live and, go try and spend my money a tad more efficiently; in a nutshell, bugger off!

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