Saturday, 31 January 2009

More Striking News

Yet more in the press today about the unrest at various production plants around the country with, as usual, little or no mention of the real cause for the unrest.

It is a fact that, as a result of our membership of the European Union, people have the right to live and work in another Member State. It is also a fact that, for exactly the same reason of membership, contracts over a certain level must be advertised in all Member States, hence the result is what you see - 'foreign workers'.

In an article in the print edition of the Telegraph today, by Philip Johnston, Hilary Benn, Environment Secretary, is quoted as saying that the angry British workers 'were entitled to an answer'. Shona McIsaac, Labour MP for Cleethorpes, is quoted as saying that the awarding of the contract to a firm using foreign labour was like 'a red rag to a bull'.

What is it with Hilary Benn and Shona McIsaac? Are they both not members of the Labour Party? Did not their party 'bulldoze' the Lisbon Treaty through Parliament? Have they not read any of the Directives and Regulations issued by our 'real' government in Brussels? Are they both blind and deaf? Come to that, what is it with members of the other two main political parties who, with a few notable exceptions, are so totally in love with the 'EU project'? Has the penny not dropped yet that they, as MPs, now have little input into how this country is governed?

I think the country is now beginning to wake up to the realization of what EU membership entails and the faster this happens, the better for all of us.

It is worth my repeating that, come the European elections in June, due to the three main parties being agreed on EU membership, there is only one party offering a clear alternative and that is the UK Independence Party. One can only hope that party stirs itself from its apparent 'slumber' and starts shouting their message from the rooftops. That message is, and it is one that should be directed at all those
dissatisfied workers, who do you wish to make the laws under which you are governed and under which you work, our government or some nameless, unaccountable and unelected bureaucrat in Brussels?

As someone once said - The choice is yours!

Update: For comment from a slightly different angle see this from Burning Our Money. It is worth mentioning that the immigration policy, followed by Labour, is also as a result of implementing EU law!

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