Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Struck by this headline and article in the Daily Telegraph led me to wonder about the priorities that MP's have in deciding which of the problems facing this country they consider more important.

When one considers that amongst the problems this country faces we have: (not in any particular order)

The country is in dire straits financially, the majority of people want a referendum on EU membership; within approximately 18 months we will have an energy crisis; that our present government seems dysfunctional; that 'liberties' are being reduced in the name of 'terrorism'; that it appears a Peer of the Realm can threaten another with a 'protest' of 10,000 Muslims against a 'private screening' and debate on a foreign film and that Parliamentary Lobbying threatens our system of government.

And all Richard Burden (Labour) seems concerned with is whether or not a televised appeal should be aired on the BBC?

Still, as MPs no longer have to concern themselves with formulating laws for this country, thanks to them giving away that right (without asking us), I suppose it is excusable if they have to look round for something to occupy their time and thus try to justify their excellent remuneration package.

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