Thursday, 15 January 2009

Wealth Has A Bad 'Smelt' About It

In times gone by, in the 'socialist mindset', 'wealth' and the accompanying 'privilege' was a bad thing in that it was considered detrimental to the 'well-being' of the people - it made the un-wealthy 'second-class', or 'working-class', ie 'deprived'. That is until the 'socialists' found their personal financial conditions, improved by the efforts of the 'private, wealth-creating' organisations in our society, had increased to the extent that the socialists were now 'wealthy'. At this point the socialists then 'dropped' the anti-wealth mantra from their political creed.

One of the main problems with the 'socialist' creed is that by insuring the idea of 'equality', even though the ruling elite remain wealthy and privileged, they are forced to follow policies that mirror the latest 'fad'. A situation ensues whereby the initial policy creates yet more and more problems to be solved, as the initial policy is never 'thought through' in respect of consequential events that may occur as a result of that initial decision. This leads to the creation of more and more bureaucratic organisations to solve those problems, implement and follow them through.

To amplify the above theory, consider the following. As has been highlighted by a post on EUReferendum, we have a situation whereby a perfectly viable producer is closing a plant due to the 'knock-on' effects of an ill-thought out and ill-thought through decision by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. In summary, it shows that our provincial government, ie Parliament, in following a diktat issued by our real, socialist, government in Brussels (the European Union), now has to deal with a problem which neither 'government' had considered at the time the original policy was mooted.

Do go read this post, as it explains the stupidity of European Union membership and all that, and socialism, entails.

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