Sunday, 18 January 2009

A Reshuffle of Nonentities

Iain Martin, in the Sunday Telegraph today, has an article headlined "For once, this a Tory reshuffle that matters".

Seems to me that David Cameron has the same problem as Gordon Brown in that it does not matter how often you shuffle the pack, the cards you have are still 'nonentities'.

Now were it possible that he held cards with the names of Douglas Carswell, Daniel Hannan, Frank Field, Nigel Farage, Mark Wordsworth, David Davies, Christopher Booker, Richard North, Dick Puddlecote, Trixie (heaven help anyone who got in her way - I, for one, already know my place!), to name but a few - and those of their ilk - he might just get somewhere!

Providing of course, afterwards, he stepped down as Leader and returned to his EuroBlueGreenLovingFriends Party!

(With apologies to Mark Wordsworth - just thought I would have a go!)

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