Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Conservative Nadir?

For any party to present itself as intellectually competent to form a government they really should be able to show they understand a basic principle in the process of 'democracy'.

In an article by Stewart Jackson, Shadow Minister for Communities and Local Government, on ConservativeHome he quotes Eric Pickles (another Conservative 'instant quote' spokesman) who said that the government's introduction of Multi-Area Agencies (MAAs) 'establishes a dubious constitutional precedent'.

On the basis that the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill, under which MAAs are to be introduced and also establishes yet more unelected authorities, the statement by Eric Pickles beggars belief.

How on earth has the Conservative Party plummeted to such a depth that the removal of a basic principle of democracy can only be countered with a statement saying the bill "establishes a dubious constitutional precedent"? To be fair, I suppose that with the Europhile David Cameron as its Leader it is only to be expected.

I can only suggest that both Steward Jackson and Eric Pickles read 'The Plan', authored by two of their own party - Daniel Hannan MEP and Douglas Carlswell MP, because the authors really do understand the principles of democracy!

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