Thursday, 22 January 2009

What (The) Butler Did!

A classic example of 'spin' has surfaced today by one of the Labour 'Babes'. Like those who lead her, she could not get it right first time!

The website of Dawn Butler MP (Dawn Butler - MP - an oxymoron?) published a letter from Barack Omama endorsing her as 'bright and intelligent' (Well, Mr. President - that is your first mistake!) and not only that, but it was shown to be written on House of Commons notepaper (besides a spelling mistake - Barak instead of Barack). This was later changed, as was the spelling error, so that the HOC logo did not appear.

Two questions:

1. Is it not against HoC rules to use HoC notepaper for political purposes?
2. Is it legal for an American to sign something written on HoC notepaper?

On point one, is that the Commons Standards & Privileges Committee appearing in the distance? NO - thought not!

As an example of the 'spin' aspect, consider the following two statements:

"Ms Butler’s spokesperson insisted that the wording of the letter had been a “collaborative effortapproved jointly by Mr Obama and Ms Butler’s office, (my emphasis) but conceded that the request for an endorsement and the initial text had originated from Ms Butler’s office."

Ms Butler said "I will treasure my photo with Obama and this quote forever.”

Nuff said?

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