Friday, 16 January 2009

A Good Day To Bury Bad News (2)

Further to my post yesterday on this subject.

There is one undeniable fact which is they - be they an MP, local authority Leader, a Chief Constable -  are being paid out of public money. As such any expense should be accounted for, publicly, each year.

For MPs to be asked to vote on making themselves exempt from Freedom of Information Act is an absolute disgrace and can only increase the claims that, in so doing, they have something to hide.

The real objection is that MPs, having passed a law affecting everyone in this country, now intend to exempt themselves from the scruitiny they decided everyone else should be liable to!

This is not the first time MPs have voted to 'look after themselves' - witness the passing of the sex equality act, only for them to then decide it did not apply to them as they wanted 'female only' lists of candidates. Then of course we have pensions - ah pensions, yes - having decided to tax everyone else's pension they then decided to top-up their own!

Perhaps MPs of all parties, in tailoring the law to suit themselves, should remember one simple fact. Until they have put their own affairs in order, don't expect me to trust you to put the nation's affairs in order!

That obnoxious apology for an MP, Harriet Harman shows the contempt that MP's generally have for the electorate who are their employers. Well come P45 (general election) day, may all those who vote for this exemption receive theirs!

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