Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Labour's Train Of Thought

A story in the TimesonLine today is a definitive example of the way this government's thought processes work.

The Children's Minister, Baroness  Morgan of Drefelin, in ordering a review of the rules covering the estimated 20,000 home-educated children in England and the 20,000 or so labelled as “missing from education”, who have dropped out of school before the age of 16, does not give the reason as whether the child is  receiving a "suitable" education, but cites the reason that the children could be the victims of  "abuse, neglect, forced marriage, sexual exploitation or domestic servitude."

The article then goes on to claim the "review will also consider whether local authorities should have greater powers to enter a home to check on the quality of the education a child is receiving."

So what happens now - do all parents, who wish to educate their children at home, have to undergo a CRB check? Will the next step be the reproduction of children only by selected 'politically correct', 'genetically approved' parents? In fact, why not just remove all children at birth and rear them in a government approved/licensed/controlled home?

Has it occurred to this 'Orwellian' minded government that, bearing in mind the end result of the present method of education - which to coin a phrase could be termed a 'Balls-Up' - some parents may wish to educate their children at home? Whose children are they anyway - the parents or the governments?

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