Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Matthew 7:16- "Ye shall know them by their fruits,"

Translators of the Greek and Hebrew generally interpret "fruit" as "deed," "act," or "work.";  meaning that it is often misleading to base one's impression of someone on their words and that we are better off focusing on their acts. That is, know them not so much by what they say but what they do. 

This is why no-one born after 1979 has any previous, practical, experience on which to judge a Labour government and consequently does not know that when these 'theorists', theorists who generally have little or no business experience, take the helm of the country, the ship invariably ends up on the financial - and, come to that, social - rocks.

If we are better off focusing on the acts, let us ask some basic questions in relation to the 'financial rocks' of today's shipwreck.

Who was Chancellor when the bubble of toxic loans and excess credit was inflated?
Who was the architect of the regulatory regime that was supposed to oversee our financial sector?
Who was the politician that regularly toured the financial sector of the City of London lauding praise
on our bankers?
Who put money into banks without obviously getting a competent accountant to look at the books and yet
now has the audacity to cry 'foul'?
Who, on present evidence, is a complete and utter novice at matters economic?

The last time these 'theorists' took the helm of this country it ended up having to go 'cap in hand' to the IMF. Does history teach us nothing? Come the time when the electorate are given the opportunity of deciding whether the present governing party should be trusted to continue in office, one can but hope that people's memories are still functioning, along with their common sense.


"We (well, more specifically, you) are squarely to blame for not learning the clear lesson of history. Labour governments always always ALWAYS end in economic disaster.

Look, let me spell it out for you:

  • Ramsay McDonald - economic disaster
  • Clement Attlee - economic disaster
  • Harold Bloody Wilson - economic disaster
  • Jim Callaghan - economic disaster
  • Blair/Brown - economic disaster

See? See the pattern?

Now, try to remember it."

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