Saturday, 31 January 2009

Even The Law Abiding Are Considered Liars

Part of the on-going 'disagreement' about the tactics adopted by TV Licensing to ensure they are able to combat license evaders has centred on the element of perceived 'threats' which letters and visits contain.

Joanna Richards of TV Licensing is quoted in the print edition of the Telegraph as saying that even those who inform TV Licensing that they do not possess a television set can expect a visit to ensure they are telling the truth. This is nothing more than accusing people to their face of being liars!

Think back to their advert -  “Your town, your street, your home. It's all in our database.” In just 40 seconds, this sinister advertisement shows how far we have become the slaves of the database state, rather than its masters. You thought we lived in a free society? In a free society, no government could tell its public, with such quiet condescension and with no hint of embarrassment: “We are not only spying on you, but we know all about you and you had better be careful.”

Perhaps the time has come whereby the BBC should fund itself, by for example taking adverts. Then perhaps they may find they are unable to afford the likes of Jonathan Ross and other such self-important and self-opinionated  nonentities and we could 'lose' them from our screens.

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