Sunday, 25 January 2009

Whats New(s)?

Not having been that interested in the 'Obama Show' and all that it entailed, I missed this.

Jon Snow, who I have always considered having an extremely, overrated, high opinion of his own worth and of himself, seems to forget why he is employed by Channel 4.

According to Danny Finkelstein:

He (Jon Snow) is covering the Obama inauguration and interviews Maureen Dowd about the end of the Bush regime. And, amazingly enough he says this about the departure of the former President:

"Well now the nightmare is over, I think we can call it a nightmare without in anyway being anything other than objective."

Now, whatever ones opinions on the Presidency of George W. Bush, there's me thinking that if one is presenting a 'News' programme then do just that - it is after all news that people want, not the thoughts of someone whose only area of expertise would seem to be tying all the colours imaginable, simultaneously, round his neck!

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