Friday, 30 January 2009

Gordon Brown - The Puppet Prime Minister

We learn that Gordon Brown is to talk to the oil industry with a view to try and settle the dispute over the employment of 'foreign' workers. Gordon Brown is quoted as saying "This is for workers to resolve with employers."

Reverting back to the comments made in an earlier post today about 'sloppy' journalism, in this article written by Stephen Adams, there is not one word on the fact that firstly, there is nothing Gordon Brown can do as his hands are tied by EU Directives (in this case I believe it is Directive 2004/58/EC) nor secondly, that the statement "This is for workers to resolve with employers" is a Prime Ministerial 'cop-out' because of our membership.

Trixie has a more virulent posting on the subject, using some quite suitable adjectives.

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