Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Biter Bit

During the last days of the Major Government much was made by New Labour of 'Tory Sleeze' and Tony Blair said in Brighton 1997 that New Labour would be a government of high ideals.

Remember how 'New Labour Sleeze' started virtually from day one of a New Labour government - witness the Ecclestone Affair, what amounted to Robinson 'giving a bung' to Mandelson, Mandelson (again) and his mendacity to the Britannia Building Society, Ron Davies and Clapham Common?

If the latest story of sleeze in the House of Lords, involving Labour Peers, reported in TimesonLine is correct, then after 11 years it seems nothing has changed. We have two inquiries being held; one led by a cross-bencher Baroness Prashar and the other being conducted by the Labour Leader of the House of Lords. The BBC reports that two of the Peers, approached by them, have denied any wrong doing.

If the House of Commons can suffer a 'police investigation', anyone in the House of Lords thought to dial 999? I am sure HM Constabulary will be more than pleased to 'plod' over there!


A more recent report in the Telegraph states that:

"It has no power to suspend or expel peers"

Whether a member of the House of Lords receives a sum of money, be that expenses, allowances or attendance monies, it is still a 'salary! More to the point, as that 'salary' is taxpayer's money, if the Lords cannot fine or expel them, then let us do it - after all, was it not the 'Man of Straw' that had a hand in some of them being appointed? So - 'un-appoint' them!

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