Monday, 19 January 2009

Pesticides - Not For Use On The Government, Unfortunately

I am obliged to The Devils Kitchen for pointing out yet another example of how our, taxpayers, money is wasted on bureaucrats.

You may recall a few days ago a story which reported how EU MEPs had voted to tighten the laws on pesticides and ban the use of 22 chemicals. Enclosed in their environmental cloak, the BBC naturally reported the story and spoke to a charity called the Pestercide (sic) Action Network. This 'charity' receives funds from......... yes, you guessed it - the EU! Their accounts for 2006 are here and for 2007 here. Over these two years PAN received the sum of £481,134 from the Commission of the European Communities.

Whilst the UK farmers are complaining that this would seriously threaten UK food production, it is no surprise to see that the Greenies are over the proverbial moon, which I note is still, unfortunately for them, a sort of yellow colour - but never mind, I am sure they will soon start campaigning to change that too!

Having totally devastated our fishing industry, it seems the EU are now intent on doing the same to our farming industry - or what is left of it.

More importantly, there is nothing we will be able to do about it - not while we remain a member of this EU version of Broadmoor, (most of whose patients suffer from mental illness!).

Update: DK, in a fit of pique (nothing new there then!) has registered a new domain,, to compile a list of fake 'charities', which are no more than quangos whose sole aim is to 'support' government measures, and asks that anyone uncovering such a 'charity' registers it on his site.

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